Van den Ende rozen


New nursery in Monster, NL


New boiler system with cogeneration

Challenge accepted.

Rose nursery Van den Ende in Monster, built a new nursery on approximately 4,5 hectares in 2008. When it comes to working with roses, it’s extremely important that the climate is equal throughout the entire greenhouse. It’s also key there are very few temperature differences. These conditions are preferably achieved in an energy-efficient way. Owner Hans van den Ende: "For us this was a huge and important project. We needed a company we could trust."


Adding Smartness.

We installed a new boiler system with a combined heat and power (CHP) system. With this system, both heat and electricity are produced at the same time by means of a single-fuel motor. The heat regulation can be adjusted separately, so that the 40 million roses in Van den Endes’ nursery grow and bloom under very uniform conditions.


We keep it real.

According to Hans van den Ende, we were very supportive throughout the whole project. "We really felt that we all had the same goal. There might be other companies who can make an installation like this, but Verkade is really a group of dedicated professionals who deliver everything exactly on time and with a high quality standard. You're dealing with ordinary guys who always do exactly what they promise."



"The new system actually always runs properly. Even if there is some excess heat, the installed system ensures that there is enough cooling," says Hans van den Ende. "I’ve heard many stories of installations that don’t run properly. Here, the opposite is true. If we were to expand again, we would certainly consider turning to Verkade again."