Red Harvest


Middenmeer and De Lier, NL


Construction of greenhouses for tomato cultivation

Challenge accepted.

Red Harvest is a tomato grower with branches in Middenmeer and De Lier. They grow tomatoes on an area of no less than 40 hectares. We were already involved in the construction of their greenhouses. So we knew what we were dealing with when we were asked to make a secondary connection to the geothermal heat network at their location in Middenmeer.


Adding Smartness.

Of course, pumping heat out of the ground is already a very clever thing to do. Then it is a matter of making optimal use of this generated energy. As in many cases, it all starts with calculating. Our precise calculations convinced us to chose particular sets of pumps, tubes and hoses. This project proves that choosing the correct equipment can really make a difference.


We keep it real.

For us, it’s all about energy. We constantly motivate each other. We’re always on the lookout for the right energy solutions. Because of this intense focus, we’re usually able to come up with the most profitable options. This project in Middenmeer is a good example of what we can achieve with the power of collective thinking.



Compared to other users, Red Harvest is by far the most cost-efficient user of geothermal energy. The pumped water temperature is 91 degrees. The water returned after use is only 23 degrees. The returned water of other users is much warmer than this, which means Red Harvest uses the generated heat the most efficient. This is an achievement we can all be proud of.