Newly built Rotterdam office, NL


Construction of a climate system

Challenge accepted.

Polyplastic in Rotterdam (a producer of plastic windows, among other things) built a new office that required a solid climate system and a well air-conditioned manufacturing building. This posed an interesting challenge, as the company works with very specific materials.


Adding Smartness.

A great deal of heat is developed in Polyplastic’s production hall. We completely agreed with one of the advisors involved in this project that it would be a waste not to use this energy. We figured the warm air that rises in the hall could be used to heat the office spaces. We installed a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system that both cools and heats different rooms. The heat that is generated during the production process is now optimally used.


We keep it real.

We are always open to good suggestions and we’re not too proud to accept assistance. Success is only achieved with proper interaction between installer, consultant and the customer. Luckily, this is exactly what happened with this project. With every new project we keep on learning. We always keep in mind what’s best for our client. We truly believe honesty is the best policy.



Two out of three construction phases of Polyplastic have been completed. The company now has an extremely efficient building with lots of glass and a spacious layout. Moreover, little energy is lost due to the sustainable approach of all parties involved.