New chrysanthemum nursery in Zuilichem, NL


Hoist Heating Construction

Challenge accepted.

Linflowers, located in Zuilichem, specialize in the cultivation of chrysanthemums. They grow no less than 40 million chrysanthemums every year. The family business has its roots in the Middle Ages and over the years it has grown into a high-tech horticultural business. The company approached us for the construction of a large new construction project. The 7.6 hectare nursery was already the third location of Linflowers. The client knew exactly what they wanted when they came to us.


Adding Smartness.

Verkade is one of the few in the market to use special, smart heating technology, which, among other things, offers great solutions for the cultivation of chrysanthemums. The heating system is mounted on a frame that can be raised mechanically, so that the weight of the flower is also supported. "You’re truly dealing with specialist knowledge that you can't find on every street corner," says David van Tuijl of Linflowers.


We keep it real.

We made a very detailed plan before we started working at Linflowers. We made this plan after an extensive consultation with the client. Thanks to this consultation we knew exactly what the entire pipeline plan would look like. "The other contractors involved were also very enthusiastic about the detailed plan. ‘This is a plan we can properly work with' they all said”, according to David van Tuijl. "And that turned out to be true."



"You don't really get to know someone until you venture a large project like this," says David van Tuijl, summarising the collaboration. "Working with Verkade Klimaat you know that a deal is a deal. They've always kept to what they promised. The system works perfectly by the way. Regular maintenance is carried out once a year, but the system actually runs so well that this won’t even be necessary."