Flora Holland


Main office Honselersdijk, NL


Adjust climate installation with PCM

Challenge accepted.

We have been the main installer at Flora Holland Honselersdijk for decades. We have already undertaken many different projects for them, from installing climate systems to modify large crate washing systems Recently, Flora Holland offered us another interesting challenge that was kind of a brain teaser: one side of the building was not cool enough in summertime, while the other side needed only a little cooling.


Adding Smartness.

Phase Changing Material was the creative solution that made all the difference to this project. PCM is a material of which the phase changes (from solid to liquid and vice versa) is used to absorb or release heat or cold. We used this ingenious material for the first time during this project. We did extensive calculations, so we were convinced that this new smart system would really work.


We keep it real.

You might think it’s risky to work with new materials while doing a large project like this. Our philosophy comes down to physics though. If it's true on paper, then it has to be true in reality. We could have taken the safe route by installing a rigorous new piping system and new air ducts. But, no pain, no gain, we often say. With the help of PCM we have been able to solve the problem with only a little alternation work.



On all twelve floors of Flora Holland’s head office the temperature conditions is currently much more pleasant. Especially in summertime, where the inside temperature is far more comfortable. Besides that,  much less power is used to cool the building because of the use of PCM. It was the first, but certainly not the last time we will work with this material.