Best Fresh Group


Head office Best Fresh Group Poeldijk, NL


Making the head office more sustainable

Challenge accepted.

Best Fresh Group in Poeldijk asked us if we could make their headquarters in Poeldijk more sustainable. Of course we could. But not without some effort. An adjustment like this is quite an undertaking. Employees of Best Fresh Group had to be able to continue working throughout the project, so we knew that it would be a matter of fitting in and working around them. Making four wings over two stories more sustainable had to be done as quietly as possible.


Adding Smartness.

We are specialized in combining qualities. We installed two heat pumps (one water-source connected, the other works with air to water) and made the office more sustainable with new climate ceilings. We then made an IOT (internet of things)-system that can be used to control both the temperature and light settings. This way the physical adjustments were supported by a smart system.


We keep it real.

A job like this requires flexibility from the entire team. Furthermore, you have to know your own limitations really well. We had to plan this project extremely tightly. Especially considering the strict deadline. The whole construction had to be finished before Best Fresh Group’s anniversary. Sometimes it was more convenient for our client that we worked in the weekends instead of weekdays. Of course, this didn’t pose a problem to us. We drew up an extensive detailed plan which we adhered to strictly.



The wings of the Best Fresh Group now have a steady climate. Climate and light can be adjusted separately in each room. Annoying draught problems have also been solved. And thanks to the two heat pumps, the building isn’t reliant on gas anymore. Sometimes it was- to put it as it is - quite a mess, but we were able to finish everything right in time for the anniversary.