Aardwarmte Vogelaer


Seven growers in ‘de Vogelaer’ , NL


Geothermal heat distribution

Challenge accepted.

A consortium of seven growers in ‘de Vogelaer’ in Poeldijk joined forces for a major project: together they wanted to use geothermal energy of the area. By doing this, the participants wanted to take a great leap forward in terms of sustainability and they also wanted to save energy costs. This was a huge project in which our knowledge of energy systems came in very handy.


Adding Smartness.

The participants kicked off smart. Because each participant reaches its energy peak in a different period of the year, the overall return is optimal for everyone. Other existing geothermal energy projects showed that con have to deal with quite a few malfunctions. That’s unnecessary, if you ask us. It’s just a matter of smart choices and strict planning. We decided to turn the entire design upside down. Our philosophy is that it’s better to have something that works, than something that is cheap.


We keep it real.

It goes without saying that it is a gigantic logistical operation to drill at a depth of 2.5 kilometres and to subsequently connect seven different companies to a geothermal heating- and distribution system. We installed no less than 14 kilometres of pipeline. Roads had to be blocked and trees had to be replanted. We even continued working at night to make sure the whole operation ran smoothly. As with every project, we gave it our very best to get the job done.




This project saves about 13.5 million cubic metres (!) of natural gas every year. This means a yearly CO2 reduction of 24 kilo tons. That’s roughly equal to the energy consumption of 9,000 households. The cultivators are now growing their crops in a very sustainable way. And, significantly, ‘Aardwarmte Vogelaer’ now runs very smoothly. This is exactly as we had hoped for.