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Contractors with more than 8 decades of climate control experience

Today’s company is light years away from its roots. In 1933, when Martinus Verkade opened his workshop in a shed, he was not to know that he was laying the foundations for a business that would grow to have a faultless reputation in the field of climate control, far beyond the bounds of its Westland home. 

Recent years have witnessed especially rapid expansion of Verkade Klimaat. Their activities were spread over the horticultural sector, commercial and industrial building and the private market. Rising awareness of comfort and energy efficiency also caused a commensurate increase in the range of climate control solutions.
Throughout the years Verkade Klimaat has always been characterised by an innovative approach combined with a service ethic that prioritised reliable engineering. All systems comply with the relevant standards and clients receive objective advice. In addition, the company is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the perfect climate. In many cases this involves a complex combination of factors and that is where the almost eight decades of experience at Verkade Klimaat come into their own. Every speciality is provided in-house and this means that no one is better qualified than Verkade Klimaat when it comes to judging the quality of different systems. Consequently you get the most efficient system possible.